Use our Rent to buy calculator to find out how much you need to make per month to get the property you want. Initially when you sign up for the Rent to Buy option, you will be paid 50% of your income and the remaining 50% will be used as a down payment on your property. This applies up to $20,000 per month, if you make more than $20 000 per month, you can withdraw maximum $10 000 per month and the rest will go towards your rent to buy solution. The more effort you make, the faster you can own your property without any debt. The usual Rent to Buy period until you own the property is 10 years, but it can go faster depending on your work.

As it is 120 rentals to be paid, you can pay them off as fast as you want, but minimum 1 per month. As a result of our strong partnership with several finance partners, you no longer have to worry about bad credit or arrange intensive banker meetings. We offer you an easy approach to obtain the property of your dreams without filling out long bank forms and providing extensive documentation.